10 VSCode Extensions

10 VSCode Extensions

I Can't Live Without


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1. Advanced New File

Quickly create new files directly from the command palette or use the keyboard shortcut.


cmd + option/alt + n

author: Dominik Kundel

source: Advanced New File - Visual Studio Marketplace


2. Duplicate Action

It’s unbelievable that vscode doesn’t have a native file duplication option. But with this extension you can duplicate files directly from your VSCode sidebar.


Open any file and Press F1, then select Duplicate File


Right-click on any file in the sidebar and select Duplicate File

author: mrmlnc

source: Duplicate action - Visual Studio Marketplace

3. File Peek

Quickly view contents of linked files and view them in-line in the current document or jump directly to the file and open it in a new editor.


Peek: Loads files inline cmd + shift + F2

Go To: Jump directly to file in new editor F12

Hover: Show the definition while hovering cmd + hover

author: abierbaum

source: File Peek - Visual Studio Marketplace


4. Gist

Create and Edit gists directly from your VSCode editor. Pull content directly from Gists and create new files in your current code base.


Use the command palette shift + cmd + p and one of the provided actions:

GIST: Create New Gist
GIST: Open Gist
GIST: Open Favorite Gist
GIST: Delete Gist
GIST: Delete File
GIST: Add File
GIST: Open Gist In Browser
GIST: Insert Text From Gist File

author: Ken Howard

source: Gist - Visual Studio Marketplace


5. Git File History

Time travel any git version controlled file quickly and intuitively.


Select Git File History fromt he command palette.

author: Rodrigo Pombo

source: Git File History - Visual Studio Marketplace

feature X

6. Surround

Easilly wrap your code block with wrapper snippets like "try/catch".


  • Select the snippet you want to wrap inside a code block,

  • then right-click or press cmd + shift + t

  • then select the type of wrapper you want to use from the dropdown

author: Mehmet Yatkı

source: Surround - Visual Studio Marketplace

Demo 1

7. Search with Cursor

Search selected text with Google.


  • Highlight the text you need to search for
  • then press shift + option + s

author: hasefumi23

source: Search with cursor - Visual Studio Marketplace


8. Template String Converter

Converts quotes to backticks when a $ and { are entered within quotes in JavaScript and TypeScript files.


Works automatically, just enter ${} into any string and the extension will convert the string into a template literal expression.

author: meganrogge

source: Template String Converter - Visual Studio Marketplace

typing a dollar sign then open curly brace within a string converts the quotes to backticks

9. Turbo Console Log

Quickly write meaningful console.log statements to debug your code base easier. Also allows to globally comment out logs inserted by the extension on a per file basis. You can also customize the boilerplate template used to meet your own needs.


Select the references you want logged out then press crtl + option + L

author: ChakrounAnas

source: Turbo Console Log - Visual Studio Marketplace

NOTE: there seem to be several versions of this extension in the VSCode marketplace and I have not tried any of the others, so make sure you the the right version mentioned above.

alt text

10. Postcode

REST client that allows you to test your HTTP requests right from VSCode. There are several others (thunder client and RESTclient), but I find this to be the simplest, no bells/no frills.


Select "Postcode" from the command palette.

author: marketplace.visualstudio.com/publishers/roh..

source: Postcode - Visual Studio Marketplace


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